WORKSHOPS & Retreats



For more information on upcoming retreats, please visit the website of our partner company, Kundalini Yatras, and please feel free to reach out with any questions via our contact page.

Some of our workshops and retreats are offered on a semi-regular basis. It is possible to offer most workshops with sufficient interest. Below is a brief description of our most popular workshops. For more information, or to inquire about offering a retreat or workshop, please contact us via the contact page.



Kundalini Shakti with Guru Dharam and Siri Sat


The elements of Wind, Water, Fire and Earth collide with magical intensity at the Caribbean shoreline of the beach in this special Winter Solstice Yatra to Tulúm, Mexico, land of the Maya.

Immerse yourself in this elemental sanctuary at the low tide mark of the year to alchemically re-calibrate, recuperate and rejuvenate your being to become vital, vibrant and victorious through to the Summer Solstice.




Featuring live music by the Wahe Guru Family

Meet your destiny in this unique retreat that attunes you to the Sattvic vibrations of the Naad as you experience Lucidity in your Dream space in the enchanting Himalayan mountains of India.

Time to go deeper and higher into the Clear Light of the Awakened Consciousness. This is a powerful 10-day Yatra of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation practice designed to cleanse, heal, and attune the 72 Naadis, accompanied by live master musicians.

A soul immersion and attunement to the Naad of victory, peace, and compassion - your shield for the age of Aquarius.


Awakened Dreaming *


Dreams are a dialogue and communication between the depths of the collective unconscious, the psyche of the individual, and the super-conscious realms of Light. This workshop is designed to explore and cultivate the psycho-spiritual phenomenon of the Dream state. 

We will share practices to:

  • Cultivate the Dream Body

  • Dream on-task individually and collectively

  • Attain Lucidity in Dreaming

  • Heal the Self through Dream

  • Build a Dream Bridge for healing, empowerment, and transformation

Expect a highly-charged, experiential, energetic training in which you earn new healing skills and enrich your life as you hone your Dream Body.


Dissolving the Egregore: Clearing Past Relationships & Cutting the Ties That Bind

Dissolving Egregore.jpg

When two people have a relationship, their physical intimacy creates a third energetic entity called the Egregore, which grows and develops for the duration of their time together. 

If the couple split, then one of them will be more connected to this energetic entity and so, unable to “move on” because they remain attached to the psychic aspect of the relationship. It can take many years - even decades - for natural disintegration to occur.

This workshop teaches you how to accelerate the process and dissolve the Egregore so you can clear the energy of past relationships, and move on to embrace the present moment and all the potential it holds.


* Offered in partnership with Kundalini Yatras.