Module 4

Healing through the sacred geometry of kundalini yoga 


Yogi Bhajan defined Kundalini Yoga as 'the science of angles and triangles'. This module explains what he meant in relation to The Sacred Geometry of Yoga and how it affects the physiology, psychology and energetic integrity of the individual.

  • Learn to how to adjust the energetic triangles.
  • Learn about the Navel Point in Harmony and disharmony.
  • The 3 Gates at the First, Fourth and Sixth Chakras.

By attending this module you will learn choosing the right kriyas and meditations for different disharmonies and deepen your knowledge of the sacred path of healing in mind, body of soul.

We will discuss all the above in relation to pathology and case histories.

*This is module 4 of 7. Each module is complete and you can choose to attend them in any order.

Deepen your understanding of Kundalini Yoga.

Upcoming Module 4 sessions: