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NYC: The Healing Field: Red Thread, Black Hat, White Lotus

  • Golden Bridge Yoga 253 Centre Street New York, NY, 10013 United States (map)

This course brings the metaphysical methodology of the Rishis and Shamans to current energetic healing practice, focusing on Red Thread Empowerments, Spiritual Symbols, Affirmations, Internal Feng Shui, Shakti & Shiva medicine and more. Topics addressed include:

  • How to achieve a metabolic shift in 24 hours
  • Imprinting a thought form into the body
  • Retrieving and imprinting a positive sensation or state of mind or a pattern of health into the present
  • How to apply spiritual symbols through mental visualization, projection, and imprinting into the physical form
  • How to heal and transform using the Elements of Fire, Water, Ether and Metal
  • How to use affirmations effectively
  • The Moon cycle: Symptomology and treatment through the cycle
  • Fertility and Menopause: symptoms and treatment with Marma/acupressure points, nutrition, household herbs, female specific yoga and meditations
  • The male cycle: ‘Flame over and flame under
  • Diet, household herbs, male specific yoga and meditations